Coordonatori și teme de cercetare

Raluca - Ioana ANTONIE

Evaluation, Research in Social Sciences and Quality of Life.

Subsequent research subjects: Activities, Projects and Programs Evaluation; Impact Assessment; Meta-evaluation; Process Assessment; Performance Evaluation; Research in Public Administration; The impact assessment of Technology on the Quality of Life; Quality of Life

Cătălin Ovidiu Baba

Public Policy; Public Policy Analysis; Health Programs: Design, Implementation and Evaluation; Health Policy and Management; Social and Behavioral Health; Occupational and Environmental Health.

Răzvan – Mircea Cherecheș

Public Health; Health Systems; Social and behavioral health; Occupational and environmental health; Healthcare policy and management; Social epidemiology; Health management

Christian - Radu Chereji

Conflict Analysis; Traditional Conflict Management Practices; Conflict Management Systems; Conflict and Development; Comparative Mediation Systems; Mediation Techniques; Negotiation

Călin Emilian Hințea

Public Management; Strategic Planning, Leadership; Management Reform and Organizational Culture in the Public and Nonprofit Sector

Dan Tudor Lazăr

Finance; Budgeting; Fiscal Policy; Taxation; Local Economic Development

Felicia - Cornelia MACARIE

Gender discrimination in management; Gender impact on the organizational culture in public sector organizations; Women's presence in the top management of public sector organizations; The organizational behaviour of groups; The organizational culture of public sector organizations; Measuring gender equality in public sector organizations; The management of time; Gender discrimination in education; The internal public audit - a foundation for organizational performance; The evolution of internal public audit; Public Finance

Bogdana NEAMȚU

Teme de cercetare și bibliografie

Viorel - Ion STĂNICĂ

Community Development; Rural Development; Strategic Planning; Social Responsibility and Local Development; Territorial Organization