Our Center offers consultancy in a wide area of fields:

Public contracts – Public procurement law and policy , public private partnerships, concessions, state aid

Transparency in public administration – free access to public information, participation in decision making, access to environmental information (Aarhus convention)

Dispute resolution in administrative law – judicial review, administrative appeals, mediation in public law

Empirical research in public law

Recent Projects:

The Center is contributing to the study ‘Review of effectiveness of article 6 EED’, for the European Commission (DG ENER), as a member of a consortium led by Spark Legal Network

Between May 2014 and May 2015, our center assisted the INCEPTUS Association and the Romanian Academy (Cluj Branch), in public procurement procedures within the POSDRU projects involving PhD students and POSTDOC scholars.

Starting with May 2014, our center assists the County Agency for Employment Cluj in public procurement procedures for the SKILLS FOR JOBSproject aimed at advising high school students in choosing their academic or professional trajectory.

Since 2013, our center advises the ANELIS Association in conducting procurement procedures for the acquisition of scientific data bases.

In July -December 2013 the Center has offered consultancy to the County Agency for Employment Cluj in a Globalization Fund project  – Transition Center “from Job to Smart Job” aimed at re-integrating the workforce of the Nokia factory into the work market after collective layoffs.  Dacian Dragos has coordinated the public procurement procedures and other members of the Centre (Haruta, Neamtu) drafted an evaluation report on the outcomes of the project.