Managementul instituțiilor publice și non-profit

Program de masterat în limba engleză

What is management of the public sector or NGO management?

The Master of Public Administration program was designed to fill a significant gap in education regarding effective leadership and management of public services, existent on the Romanian market. Governments across the world are faced with numerous challenges, in an ever changing environment, with multiple stakeholders demanding more value for money. A competent human resource is essential for coping and developing services that respond to these circumstances. The MPA program is our response to this.

The program is structured into two main specializations:

- Management of Public Services and NGO Management

- Community Development, Urban Planning and Economic Governance

The first year of the program consist of a common set of courses aimed at offering the specific knowledge background for the public and non profit sector, while the second year courses are designed to respond to the specific needs of the two areas of specialization.

Why should I care?

Students enrolled will acquire a set of skills and competencies:

- general knowledge on the specifics of the public and non profit sector

- managerial and leadership skills

- effective decision making

- performance appraisal

- risk taking and public entrepreneurship

- technical skills (data analysis, ,statistics, market research, program evaluation, human resource management, strategic planning)

One of the few programs in Central and Eastern Europe with European Accreditation from the European Association for Public Administration Accreditation (EAPAA)