”I Lead” admission project

Are you a 12th-grade high school student, involved and eager to change things for better in your community? Forget about admission earlier this summer, knowing that you have been accepted to one of the best bachelor programs in the country, before graduating A-level exam?

* No, you cannot escape from the A-level (BAC) exam! Nice try!

We invite you to be part of the AMP Leaders project competition, which gives you the opportunity to put your ideas on paper and imagine them put into practice. If your idea is so good and well explained that it will compel us to award you the first prize and insure a subsidized place for the Leadership of the Public Sector program in our faculty.

Read carefully the competition rules and send us your project (here you have the project form you must use) until the 15th of May 2019 at 6IC3H&?/coE=]#[+83N#w+kGx4*. Here you have to write if you have questions of any kind related to the contest.

Oh, because the program is taught in English, the application must be also written in English.