Useful information


Students can find housing on campus in the Haşdeu and Economica dorms. Places are allocated based upon average grade, upon request. This request shall be submitted to the Office of Admission upon confirmation.

Students who wish to rent can find a lot of deals in the weekly newspaper “Piața de la A la Z” (“Market from A to Z”), which appears on Tuesdays or on the site: Prices vary depending on the location, facilities and period of the year (in autumn, when students come, prices usually go up a little).


Students from all specializations can dine at Haşdeu Cantina, located on the campus with the same name, situated on no. 45 B.P.Hasdeu street. Only lunch is served here through a self-service system. The menu consists of soup, main dish and dessert, all costing around 10 RON. A canteen is open Monday to Friday from 12-20, and Saturday and Sunday from 12-15.

Other places where students can dine at reasonable prices:

  • Lunchbox, no.128-130, B-dul 21 Decembrie 1989, vis-a-vis BRD Mărăști (common driveway with RATUC).
  • Student restaurant USAMV, No. 74-76,  Moților street, (near Children’s hospital), schedule: 08.00-11.00 and 15.00-20.00.
  • Student restaurant UMF, No. 12, Babeș street (street which intersects the Clinicilor street near BCU).
  • Mărăști student canteen, No. 58 Fabricii de Zahăr street, schedule: Monday-Friday 12-18.00.
  • Observator student canteen, No. 34, Observator Street (Observator student complex). Schedule: monday-friday 11-19.00.
  • City Hall canteen, No. 5, Emile Zola street, schedule: Monday-Friday 11-16.00.


For easier orientation and for you to quickly find places that interest you, we scored on a map places where you can study, you can do sports, you can have fun or dine. Also, for a more detailed map of the city, we recommend the site Cluj4all. For transport routes you have the RATUC site.

Numbering rooms

The two faculty buildings have a different numbering. The old building (the yellow one), has the following system: floor rooms (Roman numbers) / room (Arabic numbers). The Hall III / 4 translates to third floor, room 4. The new building (the white one) is similar to the numbering of hotels, 3 Arabic numbers, the first is the floor and the next two are the number of the room. Room 101 means 1st floor, 1st room.