The PAM Department

The Department of Public Administration and Management (DPAM) of the Babeș-Bolyai University, recognized by the National Ministry of Education as having the best programs in the field in Romania, was founded in 1996 on the basis of a series of international projects funded by the European Union (Tempus) and the United States of America. DPAM was, from the beginning, an exception among other schools of public administration in Romania, primarily because it has implemented – with the support of Western partners – an interdisciplinary approach to the study of public administration. DPAM currently has three lines of study, comprised of both day and distance learning course offerings ,in Romanian, Hungarian and German (the last two lines of study are intended to help minorities, which under the right to study in their mother tongue, wish to pursue a career in government) – a selection of programs that represents a unique approach to the discipline in Romania.

The Department of Public Administration and Management also operates a master’s program taught in Romanian, the Master of Public Administration program, in addition to one taught in English with four specializations: Public Service Management; NGO Management; Community Development and Urban Planning; and Economic Governance of the Public Sector. These programs were designed and implemented as a result of the institutional partnerships with several European and American universities: Michigan State University’s Graduate School of Public Affairs; the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration; Florida International University; and the School of Public Policy and Administration at the University of Delaware. A permanent link remains between the department and American-based programs, resulting in the benefits of the perspectives gained by both parties regarding teaching, research and the promotion of the public interest.

The English master’s program has been accredited by the European Association for Public Administration Accreditation (EAPAA) and is the first Romanian public administration program with such an accreditation. The decision was made to grant such an accreditation during a conference of the EGPA / EAPAA in Madrid, in September 2007.

For more than ten years, the Department of Public Administration and Management has provided training courses uniquely tailored towards civil servants. In addition to short-term training activities (graduate programs), DPAM currently operates a one-year master’s program for civil servants who hold management or leadership positions in the Transylvania region. Over time, DPAM has developed its research structure, known as the Public Administration Research Centre (CCAP)(Should these initials be different for the English site?). In the past seven years, the center has participated in a variety of research projects targeting both the Romanian context (i.e. legislative reform and management in public administration, developing the skills needed to analyze public policy, environmental policy, etc.) and comparative approaches (i.e. comparative studies developed between 2001-2002 regarding local budgeting process in Romania, Hungary and Poland). Another important area of research involvement for CCAP is managerial reform within Romanian public administration. CCAP has also developed various analyses at the request of the central government or local institutions, both in Romania and abroad.

The Department of Public Administration and Management publishes two of the few journals of public administration in Romania, namely the Transylvanian Review of Administrative Sciences (ISI indexed) and Revista Transilvană de Științe Administrative, both available online at

DPAM is also an editor of the Administrative Science series, which to date contains over 30 titles- including courses and books written by Romanian and foreign teachers who work in the department.

Currently, DPAM is a member of the Association of Schools and Institutes of Public Administration in Romania, and is also part of various networks operating closely with public administration, including NISPAcee (Network of Institutes and Schools of Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe) and EGPA (European Group for Public Administration), and is also an associate member of NASPAA (Association – American National School of Administration and Public Policy).

DPAM currently has three branches, in Bistrita, Satu-Mare, and Sfantu Gheorghe.