Leadership of the Public Sector


About the program
Education and professional development are considered  central issues in civil service development and public administration reform. The contemporary economic and social environment poses numerous and complex challenges to those holding leadership positions, who need to be equipped with the adequate set of skills and competencies in order to have a proper response.

FSPAC’s Leadership of the Public sector Program is designed to offer the necessary skills and competencies, to master these challenges, through a modern interdisciplinary approach and innovative disciplines, by combining theoretical knowledge from fields such as sociology, public administration, political science, management and economics with practical skills and abilities. LPS classes are designed to develop critical thinking, proactiveness and problem solving skills. Leadership is about building consensus and persuade followers, which means that a significant part of activities involve group tasks and initiatives. The program also extensively uses „the case method”, in which students analyze practical policy issues for which they need to find solutions and sell them to critical stakeholders.

The program is conceived as a complete experience that offers students the skills and know how they need to lead public and nonprofit organizations. The program is constructed around different and diverse activities  – classroom debates and simulations, team working groups, project based activities – meant to provide students with the opportunity to practice different leadership roles through active participation, self-reflection and feedback.  Throughout the three year period, students are empowered to create and cultivate their own leadership qualities and put them into practice by taking part in our specific development activities (internship programs, research projects, volunteering, community development and community action).

The college’s community outreach initiatives, as well as the over 20 student clubs, offer additional opportunities to put in practice what they know, to learn, improve and develop.

After graduation, students have the possibility to continue their educational development by following our American MPA program which offers the possibility to further specialize in either public service and NGO management or community development and governance.

Graduates of this program will work in all levels of government (European, state, regional, and local), in nonprofits, in international organizations, consulting firms, and in the private sector.


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