American MPA

The master’s program has been accredited by the European Association for Public Administration Accreditation (EAPAA) and is the first Romanian public administration program European to receive such recognition.

Begining with the 2014-2015 study year, graduates of this program can earn a double degree from Corvinus University of Budapest. For this, students must study 7 courses from the Corvinus university curricula (3 are already offered within our program, and for the other 4, students can aply for an Erasmus Scholarship, which offers them the chance to study in Budapest for 1 semester).

Aside from a Babes-Bolyai University diploma, graduates of this program will receive a certificate from the Institute for Public Policy and Social Research of Michigan State University, USA.

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Management of Public and Non-Profit Organizations

Two distinct tracks:
Public Services Management
NGOs Management

Master of Public Administration (MPA)

Two distinct tracks:
Economic Governance of the Public Sector
Community Development and Urban Planning

International partner universities

Michigan State University, East Lancing, Michigan – main partner, offers students a master’s graduate certificate  from IPPSR
Nelson Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy, State University of New York at Albany
National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration (Washington DC, USA)
Florida International University, Miami, Florida
University of Delaware, Delaware, USA
Universitá degli Studi di Genova, Italy
Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary
Monash University, Australia
Victoria University, Australia

Program’s objectives

Public administration in Romania has been involved in a reform process based on different types of internal and external pressures (growing expectations from citizens to regarding the level at which public services are provided, political, economic and social changes, new requirements due process Euro-Atlantic integration, etc.). It is obvious that, in this context, a conservative approach is unable to provide viable solutions. Management training of civil servants is a condition without which government would prove unable to address the latest challenges.

Unfortunately, coherent programs providing training in management of public services are extremely limited at this time. Program orientation corresponds to future developments in government, which will soon pass from the classical model, one in which its role is to enforce laws and regulations, to becoming a public service provider.

The master’s program is organized related to the technical needs existing at the public administration level, following some precise elements, including:
-the development of basic knowledge in administrative science
-the development of managerial skills and mindsets based on the need to streamline the functioning of public services
-the development of specialized techniques for action in the field (statistical analysis, evaluation, etc.)

Admission criteria: motivational interview, based on a cover letter and a resume, both in English.


Registrations: July 17-21