Double degree Master of Public Administration (MPA)

The Department of Public Administration and Management at the College of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences (FSPAC in Romanian), together with the Department of Public Policy and Management, Faculty of Economics (Corvinus University of Budapest), have agreed to jointly run a Master in Public Administration (MPA) with double degree for the students enrolled in this Master program (BBU and Corvinus), starting with the academic year 2014-2015. The Master Program will be in English language and it’s adressed for Romanian, Hungarian students, as well as other countries. Also, a double degree MPA in Hungarian language for Romanian and Hungarian students, was agreed to be jointly initiated, starting in 2014.

The agreement was finalized on April 3rd, following a visit in Cluj-Napoca of professors Laszlo Varadi, Hogye Mihaly and Gyorgy Hajnal, from Corvinus University, Budapest. This initiative falls in the Public Administration Department’s (FSPAC) to internationalize its studies programmes and to offer its students multiple opportunities, both foreign and domestic.

Starting with 2014, the graduates of the American MPA (Master of Public Administration) can also receive a Master of Arts in Public Policy and Management degree from Corvinus University of Budapest. Students who want to receive the additional degree from Corvinus Unievrsity have to enroll in a special track consisting of seven courses from the Corvinus University curriculum (three of which are already offered in our program in Cluj-Napoca, while the rest of them can be completed by studying for a semester in Budapest – with an Erasmus scholarship).