Besides study, we try to offer our students other opportunities for getting togheter. In this way were born the extracurricular activities. Here are some of them:

Research Club: For those who think that the courses are not enough and want to know more about how to do a project, how to design a research and how to interpret data more detailed, enrollment in research lab is the best idea. Contact: Raluca Antonie (raluca.antonie@fspac.ro)

CinemAP: Every Wednesday at 20.20 pm, in Room 101, are projected movies which were voted on the blog dedicated to this activity or movies presented by the members of the department. After the screening, it remains a debate about the movie just watched.

BoardGamesNight: If you have a passion for board games or you are just curious what you are welcomed every Thursday for a few hours of relaxation and / or nerves (depends on whether you lose or win).

Mountain Club: A group of students from our college who are mountain lovers and passionate about hiking founded the FSPAC Mountain Club in November 2012. Its main objectives are organizing and promoting ecological, touristic and mountain activities and promoting a responsible attitude towards the environment and the community.

Football championship: The professors from the Public Administration Department organize every spring (usually in April or May) the Football Championship. The past 7 seasons were all won by teams from the Public Administration specialization. We hope to see similar results this year! Contact: Nicolae Urs (urs@fspac.ro)

More extracurricular activities